Leading the industry in environmental stewardship

The inherent environmental benefit of renewable energy demands a responsible approach -- from sourcing to manufacturing to end-of-life management. Some dominant solar technologies undercut solar’s environmental benefit by consuming larger amounts of water, coal-powered energy, and carbon to source, assemble, and transport their offerings.

Responsible Solar, on the other hand, minimizes environmental life cycle impacts and transforms waste into resources to provide solutions to climate change, energy security, water scarcity, and a resource-constrained world.

Lowest Environmental Footprint in the Industry

  • 2.5X lower carbon footprint
  • 3X lower water footprint
  • 2X faster energy payback time than c-Si panels made in China

Industry Leading High-Value PV Recycling Services

  • 1st global PV recycling program in the industry
  • Only solar manufacturer with global in-house PV recycling capabilities
  • 90%+ recovery of module materials for reuse

Resource-Efficient Manufacturing Operations

  • End-to-end manufacturing in 4.5 hours vs. up to three days for c-Si
  • 98% less semiconductor material than c-Si
  • RE100 committed